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To reduce recidivism, poverty and generational crime by enhancing the quality of life of post-incarcerated women.


  • To provide safe, decent supervised transitional housing.
  • To provide effective counseling, supplemental child care programs and activities and referral services to families suffering from separation.
  • To provide effective relapse prevention counseling and referral services for drug and alcohol treatment.
  • To provide training in improving communication skills and parenting skills.
  • To provide vocational, career rehabilitation and contractual job procurement.
  • To demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of Karat Place, Inc. services through research and program evaluation.
  • To advocate for support of recidivism reduction by establishing liaisons with other community organizations, churches, volunteers, businesses and public officials.
  • To raise sufficient funding through public, private and governmental means to enable adequate support of program services and achievement of the agency goals.

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